Aphelion Orbitals Cubesat Store

Cubesat components by major manufacturers suffer from fragmentation and a poor amalgamation of standards and software. The nanosatellite design process for academic or commercial applications often involves jumping through different software interfaces and hardware manufacturers, making up the bulk of the cost and lead time in a project. We provide tightly integrated modules and a highly user-friendly user interface for programming, enabling virtual plug-and-play operation, Complex spacecraft housekeeping tasks and telemetry are handled completely by our flight computer which is interfaced through a simple API. This enables users to focus only on their payload instead of the spacecraft bus.

Our product line, which is being readied for market through a series of tests, will be expanded and complemented with the continued development of our ion thruster and attitude control systems that extends from previous research. This enables us to produce turnkey Cubesat buses which only requires the customer to provide their own payload. Key technologies for utilizing advanced composite, metal, and graded-Z 3D printed materials in orbit are in place, allowing for customization services of the chassis for each of our customers at no additional cost, further accompanying our design philosophy of moving unnecessary work from our customers to the spacecraft manufacturer for lower lead times, ease of use, and tighter integration. 

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